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Regional Malaysia(Jul 2014)
Posted 31-Jul-2014

Regional Indonesia (Jul 2014)
Posted 21-Jul-2014

Regional Japan (Jun 2014)
Posted 27-Jun-2014

Regional Thailand (Jun 2014)
Posted 27-Jun-2014

Regional USA (May 2014)
Posted 29-May-2014

Regional Malaysia (May 2014)
Posted 29-May-2014

Regional Eurozone (May 2014)
Posted 14-May-2014

Regional Singapore (May 2014)
Posted 8-May-2014

Regional China (Apr 2014)
Posted 25-Apr-2014

Regional India (Apr 2014)
Posted 25-Apr-2014

Quarterly Report (1Q 2014)
Posted 10-Jan-2014

Quarterly Report (4Q 2013)
Posted 21-Oct-2013

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Portfolio Performance in %(1 mth)
High Risk Cash +2.83
High Risk CPF +2.33
Medium Risk Cash +2.40
Medium Risk CPF +1.93
Low Risk Cash +1.33
Low Risk CPF +1.33
*Performance in %(as of 28 Feb 2014)
Net of all charges.
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Date Fund Manager / Fund Name Type / Description
22 Aug 2014 Templeton Asset Management Ltd Notifications Letters

Please note the notification from Franklin Templeton Investments as shown below:

The board of directors (the “Board of Directors”) of Franklin Templeton Investment Funds (the “Company”) has decided to close the below share classes with effect from 26 September 2014, given its relatively small size.

Below is the list of Funds’ ISIN No. that are affected by the closure.

Share Class ISIN No.
Franklin Mutual Global Discovery Fund A (Acc) CHF-H1 LU0450467963
Franklin Mutual European Fund A (Acc) CHF-H1 LU0486624553
Templeton Emerging Markets Balanced Fund A (Qdis) GBP-H1 LU0608808753
Franklin Japan Fund Class A (Acc) SGD LU0320765216
Franklin U.S. Government Fund Class A (Mdis) SGD-H1 LU0320765133
Templeton BRIC Fund Class A (Acc) SGD LU0320764672
Templeton Eastern Europe Fund Class A (Acc) SGD LU0320764326
Franklin U.S. Equity Fund Class A (Acc) SGD LU0496366955


For more details on the above-mentioned Notification, click here   

21 Aug 2014 UOB Asset Management Ltd Notifications Letters
UOB United Global Dividend Balanced Fd SGD

Please be informed that with effect from 22 Sep 2014, the investment focus and approach of United Global Dividend Balance Fund ("UGDBF") will be changed to incorporate the addition of 1 underlying fund name:

a) United High Grade Corporate Bond Fund (a sub-fund under the umbrella fund known as the United Global Recovery Funds).

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19 Aug 2014 Allianz Global Investors Singapore Ltd Corporate Actions

The Manager of the Funds has declared the following Income Distribution for the month of Aug 2014 for the Funds mentioned below:

1) Allianz Global Investors Fund – Allianz US High Yield Class AM
2) Allianz Global Investors Fund – Allianz Income and Growth Class AM

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19 Aug 2014 JPMorgan Asset Management (S) Limited Fund holidays and dealing date

Please refer to the attached for the Dealing Calendar of JPMorgan Range of Funds for 25 Aug to 31 Aug 2014.

For more details on Dealing Calendar, click here
For more details on Monthly Dealing Dates of funds, click here

19 Aug 2014 First State Investments (Singapore) Corporate Actions
First State Bridge

The First State Bridge (BRDG) will be making its 21st distribution at 1.5% of NAV for the period ending 29 Aug 2014. Please refer to the schedule below:

Record date 29-Aug-14
Ex-date 1-Sep-14
Payment and reinvestment date 18-Sep-14
Mailing of Tax vouchers and Reinvestment Notice 25-Sep-14
Dividend Payout % 1.5% of NAV
18 Aug 2014 Henderson Global Investors (Singapore) Ltd Fund holidays and dealing date

Please take note that 15 Aug 2014 is a bank holiday in Luxembourg, hence there will be no Henderson Horizon Fund prices for that day.

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