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Regional Malaysia(Jul 2014)
Posted 31-Jul-2014

Regional Indonesia (Jul 2014)
Posted 21-Jul-2014

Regional Japan (Jun 2014)
Posted 27-Jun-2014

Regional Thailand (Jun 2014)
Posted 27-Jun-2014

Regional USA (May 2014)
Posted 29-May-2014

Regional Malaysia (May 2014)
Posted 29-May-2014

Regional Eurozone (May 2014)
Posted 14-May-2014

Regional Singapore (May 2014)
Posted 8-May-2014

Regional China (Apr 2014)
Posted 25-Apr-2014

Regional India (Apr 2014)
Posted 25-Apr-2014

Quarterly Report (1Q 2014)
Posted 10-Jan-2014

Quarterly Report (4Q 2013)
Posted 21-Oct-2013

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Portfolio Performance in %(1 mth)
High Risk Cash +2.83
High Risk CPF +2.33
Medium Risk Cash +2.40
Medium Risk CPF +1.93
Low Risk Cash +1.33
Low Risk CPF +1.33
*Performance in %(as of 28 Feb 2014)
Net of all charges.
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Date Fund Manager / Fund Name Type / Description
31 Jul 2014 JPMorgan Asset Management (S) Limited Fund holidays and dealing date

Please refer to the attached for the Dealing Calendar of JPMorgan Range of Funds for 4 Aug to 10 Aug 2014.

For more details on Dealing Calendar, click here
For more details on Monthly Dealing Dates of funds, click here

30 Jul 2014 Schroder Investment Management (S) Ltd CPF Related Notification

Please note the notification from Schroder Investment Management (S) Ltd as shown below:

Please be informed that the Schroder Global Smaller Companies Fund will be delisted from CPFIS on 29 aug 2014.

Following the introduction of the new expense ratio criterion announced by the CPF Board on 28 Dec 2006, the fund has ceased accepting CPF monies since 1 Apr 2008 as it s expense ratio was above the median expense ratio in its risk class. After careful consideration, they have decided to delist the fund from the CPFIS as it is unlikely to meet the expense ratio requirement going forward.

Please see the attached notification letter for more details below:

See more details...

29 Jul 2014 Allianz Global Investors Singapore Ltd Fund holidays and dealing date

Please click the link below for details on the updated Non Dealing Calendar 2014  for the AllianzGI Funds.

For more details, click here.

Revision highlights:

 - Additional holidays: 11 Aug 2014 will be a holiday in Thailand

29 Jul 2014 HSBC Global Asset Management (Singapore) Ltd Fund holidays and dealing date

Please find the attached an updated Fund Holiday Calendar for the HSBC Global Investment Fund (HGIF),  which captures an additional date announced by the Qatar Exchange and an additional date added by the Thai Stock Exchange. This will impac the following 2 funds:

HSBC GIF Frontier Markets Fund - 31 Jul 2014 (New addition)

HSBC GIF Thai Equity Fund - 11 Aug 2014 (New addition)

For more details, click here
29 Jul 2014 AllianceBernstein (Singapore) Ltd Corporate Actions

Please see the attached the Dividend Memo for Aug 2014 for AllianceBernstein Funds.

For more details, click here.

29 Jul 2014 AllianceBernstein (Singapore) Ltd Corporate Actions

Please see the attached the Dividend Memos for Jul 2014 for AllianceBernstein EUR, SGX and USD-Offered funds and the AT/BT share classes for the Hedged share class funds. 

For more details, click here 1. and here 2.

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