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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1) View all training videos on how POEMS 2.0 platform can help you place your orders online easily!
View all training videos on how POEMS 2.0 platform can help you place your orders online easily!
2) How do I get started, view price & fund information on POEMS 2.0 trading platform?
Please click here to watch a short video on how you can get started...
3) How do I put through my trades, view order status & my holdings on POEMS 2.0 trading platform?
Please click here to watch a short video on how you can trade...
4) Resolving Unit Trust Charts Display because of Java version 8 recently upgraded security
The recent Java version 8 has changed their security options to either "High" or "Very High". The "Medium" security option is no longer available. These new security change has inadvertently blocked the display of our charts. Please click the title above to view the detail procedures on how your Java settings should be modified to resolve this problem.
5) Intermittent problems faced by clients who use the Google Chrome or Opera browsers
At some of our web pages, there will be some messages that will provide promptings to facilitate your navigation. However, due to some recent changes in property settings of some browser updates, these messages were affected. We recommend that you use other available internet browsers to resolve this problem. Please click this link to view alternative internal browsers that are more suitable...
6) What are the Fees and Charges?
Our suite of Bond and CPFIS funds is available at 0% sales charge. Our Cash & Cash Equivalent (money market) funds are also available at 0% sales charge.
7) How do I make payment for my unit trust purchases?
You have the options of making payments through your bank's ATMs/ internet banking facility, cheque or cash.
8) When are my orders transacted and what is the price (NAV)?
The cut-off time is 3pm on any standard market day...
9) Why are certain pages in POEMS not being loaded (not appearing)?
For Chrome and Firefox users, you would need to...
10) How do I transfer-in my holdings maintained with other distributors or banks?
Transfer-in your cash, CPFOA, CPFSA or SRS unit trust holdings.
11) How long will it take for me to receive my money?
The settlement dates are based on the fund source and the asset class of the funds ...
12) How do I invest in unit trusts?
Investors can choose to use Cash, CPFOA-IA, CPFSA-IA or SRS-IA to invest in unit trusts via Phillip Unit Trust....
13) How does 0.5% switching charge works?
Below is a table that illustrates the type of switches you can perform and its charges.
14) How can I start (Regular Savings Plan)RSP again?
You can simply start RSP via Transaction -> RSP -> New Plan. You are not required to set up the GIRO linkage.....
15) What will happen to my unit holdings after my (Regular Savings Plan)RSP has been stopped?
Your unit holdings will remain unchanged, unless it is below the minimum holding amount or the units that are required by Fund Mangers.
16) What will happen if my Regular Savings Plan (RSP) fund is temporary closed for subscription?
Until fund is open for subscription, RSP will be stopped.
17) Am I able to change my RSP subscription amount? If yes, are there any charges?
Yes, if you maintain the minimum holding amount. To check the amount, please go to Fund Finder -> Investment Amount .......
18) Can I pay my first RSP subscription through cheque or must I wait for my GIRO approval to start RSP Cash?
There are two options;Option 1 –To Start RSP Immediately.....
19) Can a CPF investment be converted into a cash investment?
No, it cannot. The only exception is when the investor reaches 55 years old, and has met the min requirement sum set aside .....
20) Are there any handling fees for regular savings plan (RSP) subscription imposed by Phillip Securities?
No additional fees beside the sales charge incurred. However, on RSP CPF, agent banks levy transaction charges of $2.50....
21) If I have insufficient money in my bank account for GIRO deductions for RSP Cash, will there be any penalty? Similarly, what penalty is liable for unsuccessful CPF deductions?
RSP Cash:No penalty. However RSP may be terminated after two consecutive unsuccessful deductions ....
22) Can I give an order over the phone to subscribe to a unit trust?
No, all orders via phone will not be accepted. You can only submit their orders through Phillip Unit Trust, POEMS or your financial adviser.
23) Which are the transactions that can be carried out through Phillip Unit Trust?
You can buy, sell and switch in/out of your holdings and start a RSP through Phillip Unit Trust. However, if your holdings ......
24) How do I monitor the performance of my Unit Trusts?
Phillip Unit Trust provides daily price and daily valuation of your portfolio at My Portfolio tab. In addition, for Cash/ CPFOA-IA/ CPFSA-IA/ SRS-IA trades.......
25) Is an initial investment required before I can subscribe to RSP?
Yes. Most funds require an initial investment amount before you are entitled to subscribe to RSP using cash or CPF......
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