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Why Transfer-In?  

Transfer-in of funds you bought elsewhere is completely FREE-of-charge. Be Rewarded too.
By transferring your holdings to us, you can benefit from:-
 ZERO ongoing / monthly / platform fees. Learn why we do not charge such fees.
 Lower agent bank charges for your CPF/SRS investments when your "non-IA" holdings are converted to "IA" holdings.
 Meeting of minimum initial investment amount to facilitate your subsequent purchases through POEMS.
Important: We only accept unit trusts that are available on POEMS, please check if we carry your funds.

Q: How do I transfer unit trust funds bought elsewhere into my POEMS account?
1) Complete the form below and send it to us OR
2) Email us the statement of holdings from your existing provider to We will fill in the form and mail to you for signature.

 For Cash holdings
Complete this Transfer form (Section A) if you would like to transfer-in unit trust funds bought using CASH from other providers (Fundsupermart, Dollardex, iFast, Navigator or banks). If you wish to transfer-in a mix of both Cash and IA holdings, you may simply list them in a single Transfer form.
*An additional form is required if you are transferring funds that were bought directly from a fund house. If you are transferring funds bought from UOB Bank, please include this additional UOB form (Note: UOB bank might still require you to visit their branch).

Click here for our business reply envelope.

For CPF-OA/SA or SRS holdings (without "IA" status (Non-IA) - bought directly from banks/ fund houses)
Please ensure that your holdings are without the "IA" status. For holdings with "IA" status, please proceed to the following section instead (understand what is an "IA"). Complete this Transfer form (Section B) for funds without "IA" (Non-IA) status.
*Separate Transfer form is required (cannot mix cash and Non-IA holdings in a single transfer form). Separate form is also required for funds of different fund houses. If you are transferring Franklin Templeton or Alliance Bernstein Non-IA funds, please include their respective additional transfer form. If you are transferring Non-IA funds direct from UOB Bank, please include this additional UOB form.

 For CPF-OA-IA/SA-IA/SRS-IA holdings (with "IA" status - bought from iFast/ Fundsupermart)
Complete this Transfer form (Section B) AND this iFAST form
*if you would like to transfer in unit trust funds bought using CPF-OA-IA / SA-IA, SRS-IA (with IA Status) from iFast/Fundsupermart. If you wish to transfer-in both cash and IA holdings. you may simply list them in a single Transfer form.

 For CPF-OA-IA/SA-IA/SRS-IA holdings (with "IA" status - bought from Navigator/ Dollardex)
Complete this Transfer form AND this Navigator form
* if you would like to transfer in unit trust funds bought using CPF-OA-IA / SA-IA, SRS-IA (IA Status) from Navigator or Dollardex.
On the Navigator transaction form, please complete pages 1, 2, 5 and 8. On page 5 (section 10), indicate the number of units up to 2 decimal places (rounded down) you wish to transfer in. Please do not write "Transfer All". You are required to mail both the Navigator transaction and Phillip transfer forms back to us. If you wish to transfer-in a mix of both IA and Cash holdings. you may simply list them in a single Transfer form.

Click here for our business reply envelope.

 You are encouraged to submit your latest statement of holdings together with the transfer-in forms (Optional). Depending on the company your are transferring out from, transfer-in process may take 6-8 weeks to be completed
All Fund transfer-in is FREE-of-charge, except for transfer-in from Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), PineBridge funds (formerly AIG) and agent bank charges apply. SCB may charge a fee for the transfer, kindly check with SCB for the fees. Each PineBridge fund transfer into Phillip Securities would incur a charge of $10.70 (inclusive of GST). Cheque to be payable to "RBC Dexia Trust Services Singapore Limited'.

 Internal Transfer between your own accounts

If you would like to transfer unit trusts from one POEMS account to another POEMS account of yours, simply send us this form (Complete Section C). Click here for our business reply envelope.

 Additional Fund House Form

If you are transferring your holdings that were bought directly from a Fund House, an additional fund house form is required. Select from the dropdown lists below and click "Next" to download the required form. Impt: Both Phillip Transfer form (from above) and the additional transfer form (from below) are required. Click here for our business reply envelope.

Fund Name
Fund Manager
Place of Purchase
Fund Source


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